Yeah for blog maitenance! Here I go making everything all purty. Going to put this sweet little linking button on my site so you can surf other etsy seller's blogs to your heart's content - go Etsy go!

Ola! This here is a self portrait I did of myself awhile back when I had my "artistic" hair phase. Crazy mixed media of oil paint and embedded magazine clippings on a nice ol peice of cardboard. Up close you can even see the corrugation lines. There is something totally freeing about painting on cardboard rummaged from the recycle bin. It's cardboard so who cares? Mess ups, wacky content and/or trying out new ideas I do reccomend your friendly neighbor's recycle bin.


So now on the reccomendations of many others I am finally here on Blogger. This will be the journal of an artist and her studio, artistic discovery and real world learning. Or something like that.