Joy and Woe of Netflix

About a month ago I finally caved in and joined Netflix. After all of the work and shows last year I convinced myself that I deserved it. I used to be quite a movie addict - even did the classic thing of working as a video store clerk for a summer in college so I could get free rentals. But lately I've fallen off my addiction - which was probably for the best... but regardless... the deed has been done. I only allowed myself to sign up for the 1 movie out at time plan as a way to try and keep myself in check. It's sorta working. But I also have SO many moives to catch up on - including many of the recent Oscar winners.

Last night my queue delivered The Prince & Me with Julia Stiles. Now, I mostly selected this flick just because I love Julia Stiles and had yet to see it - but also, I must admit that I'm a sucker for a good fairy tale story. I thought this one was going to be a little too fairy tale (as in made for the single enjoyment of pre-teen girls at slumber parties) but I was presently surprised. Yes, no doubt about it's fairy tale & pre-teen appeal - but it also came with a pretty powerful message that hit me close to home.

In the movie, Paige (played by Julia Stiles) is a pre-med student with dreams of traveling the world with Doctors Without Borders. For a time, that dream goes out the window when she ends up falling in love with the Prince of Denmark - they become engaged and she is instantly transported to the world of royalty. Only the fairy tale does not end there. She comes to realize that as marvelous as her true love's world is, it is really not for her. She could travel, but no longer on her own terms. She could help people through humanitarian efforts, but no longer directly. (Hopefully I'm not spoiling this for anyone who is about to see it)

The message of the story is to not give up on your dreams and it came at a poignant time for me. I have been contemplating quite fiercely the reversal of my move. Why? What reasoning?
Love. Yearning. Wanting to nest and settle down.

Although that may still be my path someday, it is not my path today. Right now I'm meant to be right here: Learning at my job, working with the co-op and painting my blisses. This pulling of the heart is a hard thing to struggle with.


Illustration Friday - Multiple

Mixed Media on Masonite

The idea of sprouting birds came from an incredibly vivid fever dream I had last week. I will be painting more of them. 'Nuff said.


Huh. That's cool...

Last night millions around the world viewed the total lunar eclipse. For once here in the Pacific Northwest, the sky was free from cloud enough to actually see it in our neck of the woods as well.
While standing out on the sidewalk in Olympia, next to Andy who was wrapped up like a grandma in a wool blanket due to having a severe cold, we watched the last dip of shadow blossom to rust across the face of the moon and I thought to myself how casual it felt. I mean, centuries ago before NASA and astro physics, a lunar eclipse was something to be revered. Something of ritual and ceremony and omen and creation stories. Something amazing. Now? Now it's just something to wander out into the street for and go "huh. That's cool...."
This lovely photo montage was borrowed from this news site where you can see worldwide pics.


Paper Theaters and Productivity

Oh long weekends - they are always so wonderful and then they always come to an end. Of course, it is still Monday morning and I have the whole day ahead of me, but I can already feel the closure of it. The return to the regular regime.
It's been a good one though. Movies and rest and friends and painting and art openings. And I finished assembling the paper theater from Little Robot and already have it up on my wall by my bookcase.

Saturday evening I attended
Femme Fatale!: a group show presented by Ghost Gallery and Blush Studio. My friend Betsy of Baddins Design had a piece in the show, as well as Alan Hurley. The show was quite good - I was sparked and inspired by a number of pieces there, such as a triad by Julie Luke. None of the pieces were quite well enough lit though, so you had to get pretty close to them to really see. Plus, the place was packed enough that trying to step back from a piece to see it was pretty much impossible. Guess that means that the opening was a success - though I'm guessing that it was more to do with the fact that the event was sponsored by Dewars whiskey. Offering free whiskey sure does get a lot of people to come out to your opening ... but then, are they really there for the art?


Giveaway Given

Ah! A well rested Saturday morning. Last night I cleaned up a bit in preparation for all the work I want to do this weekend. It's nice to have a clean studio table -while it lasts!
I also began cutting out and assembling the theater that Little Robot sent to me. It is so gorgeous I can barely wait until it's enirely done before I hang it on the wall. The colors and intricate detail is such an inspiration.

Oh yes - and congratulations to Karin who won the 100th post giveaway!
Here is a sneak peak - shhhh! It's a surprise.

Off to the post office this morning to send this out in today's mail, with a little hope that "off to the post office" is something I'll have to do more and more this year.
Happy Saturday everyone!



Bout time! I've been pinning for my studio for what seems like forever. (Actually it's only been a week and half but still...) I have been so constantly busy this past week and combine that with being away the past two weekends? It's made me a bit twitchy I think. This long weekend will be a salve for my muse. 3 near-full days in which to play, paint, paint, play, sew, plan and paint! I feel like I could just burst with it all.
I'm going to start off tonight with a bit of cleansing and rest. Not only is the worktable covered, but the last 3 nights in a row I have gotten less than adequete sleep which has left me slightly zombified. I'll probably still end up doing something creative, but who knows if I'll want to show it to anyone...
Actually, the "near-full" bit of the weekend (instead of being completely full) is that (per usual) various alignments of friends, family and fun-nes are tickling and tempting me out of the studio. Two engagements for certain and a few others that I am trying oh so very hard to stand my ground. Sometimes I feel like I have to fight extremely hard just to actually let myself do what myself really wants to do. Not saying that all the other things are things that I wouldn't want to do - that is the problem! It is all wonderful! But I've already been on a string of 2 weeks of wonderful - the time is now to strike that balance back into place. Wish me luck...


Washington Lawyers for the Arts

Last night I attended a TAX WORKSHOP FOR ARTISTS which was put on by the Washington Lawyers for the Arts and was hosted by the Photographic Center Northwest. Just going to PCNW was a treat in itself and the class was REALLY good. It was on federal taxes for artists – not to do with sales tax at all like I thought. I took lots of notes and feel a little more confident in claiming deductions correctly for this year. I found out quite a few interesting tidbits such as this one: “if you make 100% original one of a kind items then you do NOT have inventory” Makes a difference on claiming cost of goods vs supplies. Anyway – yeah long story short? Totally worth it!

Afterwards, Marlo, Marin (another Etsy artist!) & I went out for nosh where we just talked shop and about the class and technically we could all write off that meeting too. It is so envigorating to sit and have free flowing conversation with other artists who are right in the same boat with taxes, recording keeping, etsy tweaks and inspiration.

Who ever thought that going to a tax workshop would be so fun?


100th Post Giveaway

I LOVE susprise giveaways - don't you? I honestly probably wouldn't have even thought to do one to celebrate my 100th post, except that I recently found myself on the recieving end. Back in January as a welcome to 2008 Little Robot offered a giveaway in this post to the first to comment. I think I just got lucky that day - checking my Reader at just the right moment to be in sync with this wonderful artist who had just posted in Scotland. I had been following her blog for some time - I think after she had become a featured seller on Etsy. I was instantly taken with her intricate style and loved reading about her process for creating Automatons. If you do not know what an automaton is then I suggest you hurry over to her gallery this instant.

After a long tiring weekend of traveling and fun, I returned in the wee hours this morning to find this propped against my door:

Upon seeing the "Royal Mail" post I immediately knew who it was from and there, in the wee hours I tore into the package to discover:

Little Robot's artwork looks absolutely perfect on this little moo card! And look at how secure and protected the package is - two heavy cardstocks and a plastic sleeve protector. A plus awesome! With anticipation and excitment, almost knowing what it was to be but not quite, I opened it up to find:

Her brand new printed DIY version of "The Heart Revealed". I almost called in sick to work I was so excited to put this together. But alas! I'm a responsible office presence so here I am, daydreaming about my x-acto knife and glue.

And yes - just like the post title suggests - the first to comment here on my 100th post will recieve a susprise giveaway.


Take Flight

I've been having a reluctance in posting lately. Maybe because I just got myself into vacation mode and I can't seem to get back into the swing of it all. Three cheers for vacation mode!!
For instance - this past weekend was completely open - a perfect opportunity for a getting things done studio weekend and what did I do?
Well, it was all fabulous fun that's what.
Friday evening was a spontaneous trip to Ballard with my friend Kirsten for catch up chatting over nosh at the Copper Gate / exuberant happy houring which turned into some time of non driving abilitiy which meant that we wandered down the hill onto Market Street and investigated the wares of a fabulous shoe store and then Sonic Boom records. Where I of course ended up forced to part with a large chunk of my paycheck... Never ever ever go in there after happy hour. It is very very dangerous... =)

Saturday, after a fine amount of sleep in I awoke to the need to "get things done" so after a slow breakfast I organized a field trip out to the SODO neighborhood for a little clothing rescue mission. And much to my delight Kirsten wanted to join in. So come noon found the two of us up to our elbows in crowded full bins at the Goodwill Outlet. I've now got a whole bag of new clothes awaiting their Rekoj transformation.
Of course, instead of getting busy on those when I arrived home I started playing with a lengthy sewing project. Which I also didn't finish come dinner time where I jetted it out of Seattle down south to Olympia for dinner and Star Wars with that Andy guy. A nice restful evening in preparation for the day full of painting on Sunday. Not oil painting - oh no - much more fun. Wall painting! Andy has ended up renting my old art studio downtown Olympia - which is a fun trip in itself - and we spent the day painting it some very lovely shades of green.
All in all it was a fabulous weekend - but completely non studio orientented. Well, not my studio anyways!

It is seriously time to kick it in to gear though cuz I've got the Punk Rock Flea Market coming up again in March. Which is where I got this amazing enamled necklace in the picture - I traded with Julia of Metalwing for it. I'm wearing it today for fun and inspiration.
Happy Tuesday everybody - may fun and inspiration come find you!