Artist Interview on Art is Moving!

Art is Moving, a fabulous blog about art, artists & community has been featuring local Washington artists and their processes this month. Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Lauren. She asked some tough, not-your-typical sort of interview questions. It was a fun challenge to have to think about the role NW artists play within the larger culture.

The interview has been posted and you can read my responses here:

Artist Interview posted today on Art is Moving!


New Website and Miami Dreaming


Figured it was about time I created a website just for my paintings - since they pretty much have taken over and all. All my illustration work will continue to be posted to Rekoj Design but I recently found a strong need to have people be able to find me by my actual name. Fancy that.

Just in time too because I recently found out that I get to travel to Miami soon with my gallery for AQUA ART MIAMI - !!!!!
Super duper exciting!

La Familia is hosting a really incredible online art auction in an effort to raise funds for shipping all the artwork we need to ship to Miami next month. Check it out for a chance to get a super sweet deal on some really lovely pieces - and support a whole group of NW artists to boot!
Bidding closes tomorrow at 5pm Pacific time so you better go take a peek right now:

La Familia Online Art Auction for Aqua Art

P.S. One of the pieces up for bid is this one:


Calling on Influences

I recently came across the work of Josie Morway and felt an immediate spark. She has the same love of found materials and the same ability to get lost in layers of feathers. She also complements her portraits with graphically influenced backgrounds. Only where I use Arabic calligraphy inspired lines she draws upon Typeface and lettering. I just love the softness she has achieved in this piece.

Audrey Kawasaki - Oil & Graphite on Wood

Then of course there is the work by one of my original influences, Audrey Kawasaki. It was through a love of her work that I came across the oil on wood technique that I use in my own work. Audrey's work introduced me to the magic of sealing the wood with a clear acrylic polymer before painting in thin oil glazes. This allows the wood grain of the support to fully show through and in my case, be left exposed all together.

Tonight I'm excited to get to go see the work of one of my new favorite influences, Kelly Vivanco. Her solo show, featuring mainly new works on round panels, opens tonight at Halogen Gallery here in Belltown.

Having been someone who used to work in the round I'm excited to get to see what Kelly has done with her compositions. Her style of wide-eyed girls isn't necessarily an influence for me but her prolificy IS. (At least I WANT to be influenced by such!) Maybe it is just because she works in acrylic rather than oils but my oh my does Kelly put a lot of work out there. And her style is consistently hers every time with a sense of whimsy, fairytale and dream. Can't wait to see the show tonight!