Reception Tonight

The Homebody
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From 6pm to 9pm tonight is the gallery reception for Petshop. I can't believe it is here already!
Kellie Talbot, Jeanette Jones & I will be hosting with wine, cheese & grape leaves. Yum!
Stop on by if you can because it is sure to be a good party


Arts Walk Video!

This wonderful video by Scared of Genre Films is up on You Tube & Art Access. For those of you who couldn't make it out for the evening this is a nice little sample of the art, the energy & even a brief snapshot of Choro Trio & my friend Rosalyn playing!

Not to mention a brief little interview by yours truly where I learn that my hair did not look quite as hot as I thought that night...hehe Enjoy!

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Fellow Artist Love

I have had the pleasure these last few weeks to get to know two fellow artists. We are all showing together at La Familia this month so we used it as an excuse to join each other for a happy hour planning session awhile back.

Artist Kellie Talbot is someone whose work I've seen and taken notice of before. When I found out we were showing in the same month at La Familia I went "squeee!" literally. How could I not with paintings this gorgeous? I was a little star struck just by her stars alone but then I met her for real met her (over a drink is a time honored way to meet someone methinks) and she is just a lovely person. Someone I am greatly looking forward to talking with more. There are rumors of a plan to see her converted butcher shop studio and meet her pet duck in the very near future!

Through the work of Jeanette Jones I have been introduced to a whole new series of historical stories I previously knew nothing about. Jeanette has exquisetly painted seriously intriguing portraits of some of Picasso's women in her series "I Feel Bad for You?". If you do not know of these dear artists then you should read Picasso's Weeping Women.
I gallery sat on Friday and could not stop staring at Jeanette's paintings - finding more and more intrigue of these women's stories within her winding layers. She has her two smaller works priced for a steal at only $150. I highly recommend getting lost in them.


Petshop Opens Tomorrow - really!

Oh Brain oh Brain - where have you been? Two days ago I started this post:

"PETSHOP is trucking on the downhill slope! All the pieces are wrapped up and ready to make their way to the gallery. I'm a little sad that I have to say farewell to my menagerie of pets! I've gotten so used to them crowding me out of my studio these last few weeks. 29 pieces take up a lot of floorspace..."

In the wee hours this morning my brain suddenly realized I never actually posted the above post. My oh my.
The show is officially up as of today. All these characters are sitting pretty on the gallery walls.

Come join me for the First Thursday Arts Walk Opening tomorrow night will you? I'll be dressed to the springtime nines and thrilled to see each and every one of you!