Choosing Path

Sometimes life up and throws a fork in your road and you find yourself unexpectedly having to chose a path. This past week and half was one of those times for me. An increase in pay at the day job brought forth my yearning for more workspace. With all the exciting things coming up in my life I had decided that I would look towards moving my studio at the end of summer. But then I came across this hook and grab heading in the artist's listings of Craigslist:
Attention Artists: Live / Work Space in Phinney Ridge!
Curiosity got the better of me and I responded to the ad. And then of course I fell in love. The house was a darling craftsman (they get me every time) with a HUGE built in workspace with a shop sink and tons of storage space in the basement. And it was located in one of my favorite Seattle neighborhoods with an easy commute into downtown. On top of that I really liked the housemate. AND on top of that there was a full time artist who worked from the attic. The energy of the house felt good and I felt that it was time - I was ready.
I agreed to move in and I left my first month's deposit.
All the while thinking that this place will be perfect to work in for the remainder of the year until Andy & I can get a place together.
So I had chosen my path and started walking down it. But then something happened to me. Throughout the week I started feeling more and more achy-stomach regret. I couldn't bring myself to tell anyone in my current household that I was moving.
I stopped sleeping.
Sometimes your heart and body have a much better clue than your head does. I thought I was ready... and it turns out I wasn't.

Yesterday I had to crush the excited expectation of a stranger I had already begun to care about. It was THE hardest phone call I have ever had to make.

I will be moving from the co-op soon - maybe even as soon as the end of summer. I came to the realization, along with Andy who had initially supported my move to the live/work house, that when I move it will be to finally join households with my best friend.

This is one of the more deeply personal blog posts I've written. Part of me just wanted to get it all off my chest - to let it go. And part of me wishes that my no-longer-future-housemate is reading this - just so I can say one more time just how sorry I am. I so wish I could have figured this all out 5 days sooner.
And the last reason is in hopes that maybe, just maybe... one of you readers out there has been seeking just such a live/work space. Have I got a super sweet spot just for you... Get in touch if you want to know more about the house that nearly snagged me.


Blog Worthy Newsy

Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA

In little over a month from now - with my studio newly emptied after hanging my art show - I will find myself back at Fort Worden. This time I'll get to stay for a week though because I just found out that I get to be a 2009 EDGE Program participant!!!
To those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about it is a week long intensive career training for artists put on by Artist Trust. It is kind of like getting a grant into a mini-Grad school. It is kinda exciting. They only select 32 artists every year to participate so I feel pretty darn honored.
It has been a busy month only getting busier as I prepare for the art show in July and also the Punk Rock Flea Market in June. And to top it off I've had my head full of ideas for a pretty serious studio remodel. Yep - we're shaping up for a busy summer season round these here parts...
Oh yes... and in other Blog Worthy news it will be my birthday tomorrow. I've been so busy that I seriously keep forgetting. Seriously. So much so that there is a joint party going on for myself and my friend Kirsten that I have yet to invite any of my friends to. Seriously. Bad Sara.
And to think things are only going to get worse...Wheee!


The Myth of You and Me: A Novel The Myth of You and Me: A Novel by Leah Stewart

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
This book struck me so deeply i had no choice but to log into Goodreads just to update it. Not a book I would have normally picked up but I enjoyed the story of discovery, reconciliation and the message to love without fear in equal measure.

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As I find myself spending hours and hours at a time at the easel these days I had begun to wear myself out on music. Which then led me to finally wearing myself out on archived episodes of "This American Life". Which brought me to the library to give myself another try with audio books. Oh sweet audio books!
I had tried them in the studio years before only to find myself constantly staring off into space dreamy eyed and locked in the depths of story - without painting. So I gave them up. But this recent go at them? Working fabulously. I'll be off to the library again soon to scoop up some more. Isn't it funny how sometimes things just click? Like magic.
To get to participate in two of my most favorite pastimes simultaneously? PRICELESS!


Art! and Robots!

First Thursday Arts Walk = good for Robots of all ages!

And Star Trek babes!

And of course... well... art!

The whole evening was mega fun - Art of Comedy at the Comedy Underground was assisted by some stellar robots and a Star Trek hottie. (aka friends Kirsten, Shawn & Spike - thanks guys!)

La Familia Gallery was packed with super gorgeous work by Chris White and Weston Jandacka - I was completely floored by the energy of Chris White's work and the velvety detail of Weston's. I still can't believe that I share a gallery with these guys!

And lastly I stopped by Mikal Whoberry's studio on my way home to check out the new encaustics he has been up to and of course he has taken to the medium flawlessly. The piece above is titled "Love Letters and Elephants" and it was one of my favorites.

Oh sweet Arts Walk - how you infuse my museful soul!


This First Thursday is Gonna Rock

Tomorrow is First Thursday Arts Walk in Pioneer Square where I plan to be in two places at once! Yes - two places at once! It's the miracle of art zest I tell ya... First up is The Art of Comedy at the Comedy Underground:

The Art of Comedy
Rod Long & A Pack of Indie Crafters
The Comedy Underground
Details: First Thursday Website

Next up is La Familia Gallery where I'll be showing in a group show titled "Conceptual Vignettes". It is a whole show devoted to the power of the sketchbook and the artistic process. I will be showing some of my line drawing works on paper. Which I think is the first time ever since normally I show them on fabric. I can't wait to see all the other artist's work!

Conceptual Vignettes
La Familia Artists
La Familia Gallery


Springtime Inspiration

Yesterday found me at Cafe Flora in Madison Park and such a lovely park like afternoon it was. There is a simple pleasure in the leafy canopy of trees that I dearly miss living where I live downtown.

It was my first time to Cafe Flora and I'm sure I'll find myself back there again - the food was exquisitely prepared and I just loved all the little italics on the menu such as "gluten free" and "vegan". Very helpful for someone on a bizarre diet. I was there not only for Dine Out for Life but to meet with the lovely, inspiring possibilitarian Kelly Rae Roberts. If you haven't yet explored her artworks yet then you are in for a little spot of Grace.

The afternoon was filled to the brim with possibility by a little stop I made on my way out to Madison Park to check out Artist Trust on Capitol Hill. Oh my oh my. What a WEALTH of information they have available there. If you are a practicing artist or merely just dreaming of becoming one all you have to do is walk in their doors to be greeted with an entire wall of artist resources ranging from grant writing tips to medical care. I've always kept myself up to speed with arts-goings-on with their website but never had I stopped by their office. It is SO worth the trip that you should go. Go right now!

Over the weekend and before I got all caught up with frantically finishing paintings and preparing my application to Artist Trust's EDGE program, I spent some time in Olympia enjoying even more tree canopies and scooping up fresh organic produce at the Farmer's Market. Also while there I finally got a certain someone to model a custom hand painted shirt design of mine. This right here is an oldey but goodey! Perfect for the bass collecting geek in your life =)

Happy happy weekend y'all!