Out Old In New

Oh how it goes the time the time!
The last little shreds of pages are filled in my little journal. I enjoyed stitching in and playing on this old photo that I had gotten for another project.

I also spent a little time trying to work out some ideas for my new series. Yep - my love of crows just can't be let go of!

I enjoyed the process so much that I decided to make another just the same size. I got out my sewing machine and played with threads and stitches for a slightly quilted cover. Fun!
Here is the inside cover and my first doodle in the new book! I find it's good for me to now start putting the start date & end date in my journals because they are starting to become pretty numerous and I don't want to forget. Speaking of my numerous books I may be teaching another bookbinding workshop here in Seattle real soon - I'll let you know the details as soon as I know.

And speaking of workshops I just heard of a great new e-course I'd love to attend but my E-course budget has already been spoken for.
(Together & In the Fishbowl with Marisa!)

Artist Amelia Critchlow is offering a super fun sounding e-course titled "Experimental Art" - basically a whole course geared towards art play! Just what I've been doing with these journal pages only more so. Amelia is a collage and textile artist whose work always seems to push the boundaries of media and expectation.
Check out Amelia's work here: www.ameliacritchlow.co.uk


Frustrating Joys

How to Paint on super pretty red oak panels (A.k.a., how I spent my weekend)
Step 1
: Sand super pretty red oak... a lot.
Step 2: Sketch super fun portraits then prime over with GAC100 (clear gesso)
Step 3: Paint the underpainting with great joy! That is, until after 3 coats you realize the faces STILL look zebra striped from the wood. Matter of fact... it seems to only be getting worse with each coat. Huh.
Step 4: Deliberate your zebra faced dilemia.
Step 5: Get over it and wipe off all 3 layers of oil.
Step 6: Drink to drown your sorrow.
Step 7: Spend the following day layering 3 heavy coats of gesso, redrawing the hard earned facial features with every coat.
Heavy sigh. Heavy sigh.

Looking forward to spreading bright oils back onto these ghosty faces! Just got to wait for all that gesso to dry. Goodness gracious. Needless to say I think I'll be taking a second thought before embarking on oak again. Yeehaw!


Kelly Clark's Venation


Up this month at La Familia Gallery is a marvelous solo show by the fabulous Kelly Clark. Her show Venation totally blew me away with the breadth of work that purely captures the heart and soul of this mossy green place we call home.

She had well over 30 oil paintings spanning the walls each with it's own pulse of color and NW life. I fell in love with absolutely every piece - no joke. Not only is this lass an amazing painter but she's a total sweetheart to boot!

Check out some more of her work here: KellyClarkStudios.com
And check out this video from her opening at First Thursday -- Also showing this month is Rick Simpson & the juried group show Circles. Great month La Familia!


Yes LOVE Sweet

"Both the Robin and me have the whole wide world to sing about" says February's first journal pages. I hadn't even made the connection with the red & white hearts to the impending Valentine's day this weekend - I promise! I really was just springtime-robin-singing-sunshiney-bursting that day. Really!

Gotta grab hold of those moments when you can. Now you - yes you! Go out and grab hold of some springtime-robin-singing-bursting for yourself.
Me, I've got some puddles to go stomp in...
Happy Weekend to You!!


Dreaming Aquatic

Well my little January journal is pretty much full and I'm off tonight to make a new one. Because seriously - all that art play was FUN! The last week kept me well rested and lazy lazed due to coming down with a cold that was going around. I ended up without much energy for several days. Bugger! Plenty of arting still got done though. But oddly enough it was mostly introspection, planning and dreaming.

Where I have found my thoughts lately center around my "career" and my life. This has been prompted by several things including some upcoming opportunities through my gallery, along with my head over heels fall for this class by the author of Creative Thursday.

I have been trying to look to the root of what really truly motivates me to do what I do. It comes down to the spark of joy while in the "sweet spot" of a painting. You know - that moment of being absolutely lost. And that is why I do what I do. Sure - it would be nice to have those moments support my finances... but if that doesn't work out it's not like that means I will stop seeking those moments.
Deliciousness. That is what I'm after.

And oddly enough these thoughts must be going around such as in this post by Christine of Swirly. Yep... deliciousness indeed.


Following Paths of Inspiration

Jessica & Virgil
Originally uploaded by Awkward Boy Hero

It's funny where your muse can lead if you listen and follow.

Yesterday, while on a hunt for some image references for the new series I'm working on, I came across this image of "Jessica and Virgil" taken by Awkward Boy Hero for the 100 Stranger project.

This image alone changed the idea of the painting I was researching for. In pure excitement, I emailed the photographer and asked for permission to reference the ferret and body language of the girl. I normally use images purely as a sketching point - a marker for realism but the images I reference hardly ever makes it into the actual painting.

I'll be forging ahead with permission this weekend - finally getting started on one of the larger pieces for my show in May. And since we're starting right here with the inspiration source I've decide to blog this painting in progress. Stay tuned for what comes of it!