Art Currents Pulling to Basel

November just zipped on by didn't it? And here it is - nearly December which finds me in 3 (three!) shows.

The first of which features these little swimmers - 15 of which to be precise. You can find these betta fish up at La Familia Gallery Dec 3rd - Dec 17th. These are my 3 favorites.

Also up for the month will be a few selected works at City Home Store on Capitol Hill. Paintings featuring wood grain & graphic line will go with just about any decor. Here's hoping someone falls in love with a piece to go with their new couch - cuz I need some funds to help offset my third show this month:

Aqua Art Miami!!
Yes indeed - this artsy girl is leaving for sunny Miami to dip her toes into the overwhelming craziness of the international art scene that is Art Basel. I leave in a mere 2 days and I still don't believe that it's real. I will be bringing my trusty little laptop with me and I have every intention of sharing my experience with you on location. Art Basel & all it's glory right here so stay tuned!


Triage of Shows

Introducing my brand new series of paintings! These lovely little Betta fish will be taking part in the December group show of 5 x 5's at La Familia Gallery. The show opens next week for First Thursday where you can take first pick of all the luscious jewels of art. Sadly, I will not be able to attend because I will be art-ing it up at Art Basel Miami.

I will however be attending the 2nd event for this show on December 17th. If you purchase work you can take it with you that very night. Just in time for holiday giftings!!

If I were you, I'd be at this show. Really.

La Familia Gallery is turning mini! The entire Gallery will feature a group show with over 275 pieces all sized to be exactly 5" x 5". If you missed Art Walk two weeks prior to this opening please join us for an evening of fun, miniatures, and a bit of Holiday spirit. The Second Opening you will be able to take the art home with you that evening! All those that purchased art during Art Walk come back for this special event and pick-up your purchased art.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Time: December 17, 2009 from 6pm to 9pm
La Familia Gallery
117 Prefontaine Pl S, Seattle WA


Goal for Next Year - Guerrilla Art

Through the blog Art is Moving I recently came across this guerrilla installation by Catherine Sinclair. Staged on the lawn of the local City Gallery the dawn before a grand re-opening event, Catherine was able to get her piece "100 % Sheep" seen and viewed by thousands of art patrons. None of which had any idea that the piece was not sponsored by the museum. Brilliant!

This kind of thing has inspired me before. A couple of years ago when the Olympic Sculpture Park first opened there were some pretty incredible guerrilla sculptures that popped up. My all time favorite of course being the infamous "Eaglets". Three miniature replicas of the iconic soaring red sculpture "Eagle" by Calder all nestled into a nest placed underneath the towering sculpture park icon. Adorable!

But part of the true inspiration of these stories is the reaction of the institutions where the pieces were placed. The 100% Sheep were left undisturbed by the museum staff. Welcomed even.

And in the case of the Eaglets? The Seattle Art Museum ended up adopting the little guys. How's that for "getting your work into a museum"?


New Work Reveled

The Weight of Beauty
Oil & India Ink on Cupboard Door

New work recently completed! This painting features a very dear friend of mine who now lives in Hollywood. And a in a mere 2 days she will be coming to the NW for a visit which I'm super thrilled about. I have already anticipated just how strange it will be to show her this piece. I had asked her a couple months ago if I could use her image in a painting but I haven't yet told her that I actually did. Should be fun!

Even though they are not "commercially viable" I really enjoy painting my friends. It's sad but true - portraits are not an easy sell.
Unless you happen to be a magician like Maron Resur. Her portraits seem to fly like hotcakes. Smaller sizes combined with mixed emotions makes them more accessible for folks perhaps. Not to mention they're damn gorgeous:Antipas by Maron Resur
Oil on canvas
6" x 6"
Maron has a show up at Cafe Ladro on Capitol Hill until the end of December which I plan on stopping by. Maybe I'll even take my art loving visiting friend.


Folklore of the Senses

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the opening of a dear friend. This month at Marni Muir Gallery is a delightful show called Folklore of the Senses.
It includes work from three artists of the same family:
Jessica Dodge
William Burney
Laurel Dodge
You can preview the exhibition here.
Pictured above is Jessica and behind her are works by her lovely artist daughter, Laurel.
Jessica paints reverse oil on glass which is just lovely. We met this summer while attending Artist Trust's EDGE program.

Works by Jessica's artist father, William Burney. Tons of bright colors and frolicking forms to brighten the downpour we had that night!

This was my favorite piece in the show!
If you're in Pioneer Square you should definitely take a moment to check out this incredibly colorful show!


Perfect Fall Days in Blissed Out Olympia

Farm Bounty!

One Happy Jack o'Lantern

And on my favorite walk I found

Inlets & stretches of green
Map lines on paper
Tangled heart
Tangled roads
Pacific roots curl outward
Passages and Narrows
Inlets & stretches of green.