It has been a busy and fulfilling week. Most of my energy was pulled up with preparations for the grand opening of a building through work. The party was held in the penthouse with this incredible view of the city. After two years Seattle still never ceases to amaze me - it is such a spectacular city with such a soft quality of light to it. And Seattle really put the shine on for the party yesterday afternoon. The whole place just glowed...
See what I mean by glow?
Aside from the party (which was a fabulous success!) my energy was also spent with three successful attempts at getting up early to meet Rosalie at the gym pre-work instead of post-work. Such endeavours are certainly aided by knowing there is a friend waiting. I doubt I would have made it at all without her. It was still super tough though - I'm SO not a morning person but I'm working on it... =)
And thirdly my most favoritest of energy powerbars - painting sweet sweet painting!


Cheerleadin Away

Sometimes running a small art business feels like this: You flail around with all the attention getting techniques you can think of... yet, no one is stopping to admire your window display. Unless you happen to be a blogger who stops to take a picture of said window display to make a musing point on her blog... sigh.

2009 has my head bustling with new ideas ... my pockets brimming with inspiration notes and my dreams filled with color... yet it is on the heels of 2008 which has me feeling pretty burned out on the whole trying to "make it" thing. I'm tired of thinking of my muses as a commodity. I'm tired of stressing over never updating enough.
I'm tired of being a cheerleader for craft.

All I want to do is paint. To follow those muses. So I'm off to go do just that

So if you pop on by, and this post is all you see for awhile I apologize.
I'll blame the wet paint on my fingers.


Road to Mecca

Last night I had the privilege of attending the opening night of this play at the Seattle Repertory Theater and it was fabulous. I really want to recommend it to all my friends just for how much I enjoyed the set alone.

Miss Helen is a reclusive South African artist, living alone in the house she has transformed into a fantastical masterpiece. But when the elderly woman's ability to continue caring for herself is called into question, her two closest friends —a passionate young schoolteacher and the local preacher—battle to influence her uncertain future. Celebrated South African playwright Athol Fugard brings us this stunning emotional drama about the struggle for independence—at every stage of life.

This play came at an interesting time for myself and my two cousins who I saw it with. We are facing a similar struggle with our Grandmother who is determined to remain in her home despite the disrepair of the place falling in around her. Her family has done what they can through the years to see to her wishes and to look after her but it has all gotten particularly bad in the last year. We are all worried about her.
The play certainly opened up a musing conversation between us - a question of safety verses freedom. Our Grandmother is one of the more independent women I know. It is a hard position to be in to have to argue the side of removing some of that independence.
Because the play really struck home to me just how important it is to follow your muse, follow your bliss. To remain true to yourself and your independence is the only way to live fully without regret.
The sun rises, the sun sets and doubt will come and go - but always cherish the blessing of a cup of tea with a friend.
It is a lesson that is already known by my Grandmother, beyond a doubt.


Olympia Weekend

I traveled to Olympia this weekend - as I often do - to see Andy & catch up with my friend & past roommate Jenna. Friday night with Jenna turned into silliness at Le Voyeur where I found and snapped this little spot of graffiti. It's one of my favorite yet. Snuggle - what a nice winter sentiment!

That evening it was brought to my attention that Jenna had airbrushed her van in camouflage. Now mind you, Jenna has had a thing for camouflage for some time - so for her, it's fitting. But still, when she told me that her funky maroon van was now decked out in camo I never would have expected this -
By simply airbrushing over leaves & pine with her artist's eye she created the most gorgeous glowing camo I've ever seen. Now half of Olympia is begging her to do theirs too. I don't blame them one bit.


Learning New Techniques - encaustic

As a New Year's treat to myself I took a workshop last Saturday hosted by another La Familia Gallery artist. Janet Miller's work immediately drew me in my first day to the gallery. It wasn't until later that I even realized it was encaustic. And it wasn't until later after that when I realized the Janet Miller at the gallery was the same Janet who's flyer for an encaustic workshop I saw and had already had an email correspondence with.
Sometimes I swear my life is strange like that.

Knowing I had a little household gift giving tradition coming up for La Befana (Italian witch who flies around on the Eve of the Epiphany leaving things in children's shoes) I focused on making two dozen teeny encaustic tiles for my co-op mates. Janet herself wasn't even sure if it would adhere to the tiles but I went ahead and gave it a go anyways and voila! Loveliness.
I handed them out to shoes throughout the household with merriment...
I then took off to Olympia for the following weekend to visit Andy & see my friend Jenna which was lovely fun of course. But when I returned home I discovered that all my little tiles had inspired some of my housemates to finally finish a section of mosaic in one of our bathrooms.
Totally an "awe shucks... you guys!" kind of moment.


Kathy Liao at La Familia Gallery

Kathy Liao completely blew me away with her show at La Familia. My oh my oh my. The scale of some of her works just astounded me and like all of her works, the closer you get the more she sucks you in. And I had no IDEA - she's such a quiet, humble gal about her stuff. Some of us speak way louder with brushes I suppose.
This piece was my absolute favorite - the intensity of colors swirling within the intensity of the gaze. Wowza! Stupendous work Kathy.


Turtle Tap

Turtle Tap
Originally uploaded by Rekoj Design

Last week I took my first trip to the Woodland Park Zoo. It was freezing cold and there was still some snow on the ground, but I had a pass that needed to be used before 2008 came to a close so off I went armed with my armwarmers, hat & camera.

My mission was to get some good source photos for paintings. I didn't quite end up with images of animals I expected due to the weather, but the ones I did capture came out darling. Even though not quite source material this one of my friend the turtle is definitely my favorite.

I enjoyed the Zoo way more than I expected. The exhibits were informative and designed really well with the types of habitat that allow for plenty of viewing with minimal imposition on the animals being viewed. I think I might need to go back =)

I've uploaded a few more favorites to my Flickr page if you want to check them out.


Wall Puzzles

It's a new month at La Familia Gallery which means a new salon wall. This right here is exactly how I spent my first day of 2009 - at the gallery helping to fit this puzzle of gorgeousness all together!
I volunteered to help out on New Year's Day because the idea resonated with me so much. To spend the first day of 2009 surrounded by works of art while learning how to hang a group show is pure perfect... in my book anyways.
Can't wait to see what else 2009 has in store... Happy New Year!