Yesterday I was playing around with a new business card / clothing price tag design and this is what I came up with. The necessity came from the move which got me a new phone number. Funny how I can give my phone number out at a craft show no problem, but when it comes to posting it online in a blog? HeebieJeebies. Huh. Ah well - imagine a phone number with little stars between the numbers where the chunky black line is and you get the idea.

The crow design is taken from an image of a tube top I sold some time ago to a lucky darlin in D.C. -- Rock it girl!


The view from my Roof

Much time has passed. I successfully moved from little ol' Oly to bustling downtown Seattle. My day job is a mere BLOCK from the Pike Place Market. I walk to work. I daydream while staring out the window to the Puget Sound.

After months of exploring and adjusting to this new life I'm beginning to ramp the business momentum back up. My art never took a hiatus during this time, but the business of art did. Now is time to return. To get back on the bike of the Website and the Etsy and Blogging.

It Officially starts for me this coming Sunday. I will be selling all my hand painted goodies once more at IHeartRummage. You can find me in the middle of the front room. Look for the green dresser and come by to say HI!