My motto today is to enjoy what I have while I have it. Plan A this gorgeously sunny Seattle afternoon was to get a little work done on my laptop up on the roof. Technical difficulties found me in the midst of Plan B instead: drinking iced tea and brainstorming in my journal up on the roof. Not bad.

The past week has been a blur just like this photo I took to commemorate the moment of finally finishing the 4 ft painting I started over a month ago. That's me going "whew!"
And now I'm already onto the next. I have another 2 ft piece of layer upon layers of fur and then I'll be moving onto a tiny series of 3.5 inch by 5 inch - all in line for my solo show in July at La Familia.
Speaking of which I just got into a fun little group show at the gallery for May featuring sketches and the artistic process. The show opens May 7th and should be pretty interesting!

Ever have one of those perfect moments where the music on the radio, the streaking light of sunset and the wind in your hair all line up to perfectly match your mood? I sure did on Friday.
And I took a picture just to see if I could capture it. And I think it kinda worked.

Happy spring out there - enjoy!



The Last Americano
Ink sketch plus digital colorization

I debated on whether to discuss a new journey of food I will be embarking on here. I try to keep this blog geared towards art and the business of art and don't consider it necessarily the place to discuss my personal journey with health and diet. But as soon as I sketched this farewell to my favorite morning coffee I knew that I should at least post my artistic ways of coping with the journey towards health.

I have an inflammatory condition that can be triggered by shifts in my diet and excercise. When I found out the root of my back pain over a year ago now I began the switch towards eating more anti-inflammatory foods and exercising more frequently. And it didn't seem to help. So I started seeing a Naturopath who put me on an anti-inflammatory diet which meant that I not only eat more of the good foods but I had to try to cut out the bad. Known inflammation triggers included processed wheat flours and nightshade vegetables. And it still didn't help.

And then a friend led me here: Whole Life Nutrition where they lay out guidelines for a simple elimination diet. Chances are good there is a food type that serves as a cumulative trigger for me and I'm determined to find it. So for the next few weeks I'll be drastically cutting all known triggers out of my diet. This means not only going gluten free but vegan as well.
No Eggs. No flour. No dairy. No soy. No nightshades.
No citrus. No tree nuts. No alcohol. No refined sugar.
No problem... seriously. It's worth it to me to know.
The only one that strikes terror into my soul?
No caffeine.
Oh my.
Whatever will this overly inspired artist with a day job do??

I welcome any pick-me-up/wake-me-up tips you may have that are caffeine free --- cuz I sure am going to need them!


April Dappered & Foolish

Happy April!

The NW finally saw a turn into spring-like weather this weekend - hallelujah! A little while ago I cut quite a few inches off my hair in anticipation for such weather. The curly unruliness is amplified however and it's turned into quite a painting disruption unless I pin it up or kick it back by Dad's ol' cap.

I'm not normally prone to taking pictures of myself but April Fool's Day had me feeling quite silly while painting in my dapper cap so I decided to capture the moment. There you have it - the artist bemused at her painting in progress!

The weekend was a pretty great one even though it kicked off on First Thursday with a non-stop downpour that kept folks from wandering too far for Arts Walk. Circus Contraption musicians were roaming the Tashiro Kaplan Building though which livened things up quite nicely. I caught a snap of them here in front of Leslie Stoner's glowing encaustics at La Familia Gallery.

And in other news I finally got a picture of the bamboo panels which were a commission I did for a music studio in Olympia. They sure make the space look fantastic!


Comedy of Craft

It's First Thursday Arts Walk time again and this month I'm involved with the shenanigans over at the Comedy Underground! If you plan on being out and about tomorrow evening for the Arting this spot will definetly be worth stopping by. Some of the most hilarious crafters I know are going to be there showcasing their smile-inducing goods. And come on - we could all use a good laugh these days

The Comedy Underground and Urban Craft Uprising joined forces last month to bring you the first ever Art of Comedy show during the First Thursday Art Walk. The Art of Comedy features artwork that is either humorous in nature, or made by stand up comedians.
Last month, our hilarious featured artists were joined by the funniest indie crafters this side of Tukwila. This month we’re back with featured artist, Kelly Lyles, who is sure to make you giggle with her pun based animal paintings. The indie crafters are back as well – and one of them has embroidered some not so nice things on pillows especially for you.
Look out.
The exhibit will be followed at 9 PM by an evening of stand-up comedy, with headliner SEAN KENT ("Last Comic Standing").