How Soon is Now?

Exactly one week from today will be the opening of my first Seattle Gallery Show.

I have oscillated between feeling ready and confident to completely panicked. Lately I've just tried to take care of one loose end at a time all the while keeping the panic pot on a low simmer. Seems to be working alright.

Last night I varnished all the pieces that were ready for varnishing which was a fun experience. I had to leave a patchwork of panels all over my floor which made for some bedtime acrobatics. I nearly sprained a limb as I precariously perched and twisted to turn out the light which I had blocked off by a tightly packed sea of paintings. Was one of those moments that makes a girl think a separate studio would really be a grand idea. I was pretty darn amused. Waking up this morning to all my work laid out at my feet looking grand however was pretty magical.

This is it - this is really happening!


Retreat from it All

My weekend was spent wandering the incredibly beautiful grounds of Fort Flagler. It was SO nice to step away from everything into wide open spaces, sea air and greenery. I went with my household and what had started as a structured time for the group to be together morphed into just casual good ol fun.

We cooked and ate well. Very well.

And we clocked plenty of beach-combing time in.
And long rambling hikes where we subsisted on Salmon berries...

And what trip would be complete without campfire stories and s'mores?

It was completely apt and totally perfect for me to be able to step away from it ALL this past weekend. Despite getting ready for my first solo gallery show AND the EDGE program both just a few short weeks away. Perfectly perfectly timed.
I now feel recharged and ready to rock my to-do list. Sometimes you just gotta step away.


Summertime Fun and a Show that Should Not be Missed

Ahhh.... FINALLY dress weather!
Just in time too for a little weekend getaway to the Peninsula with some of my housemates.

If you find yourself sticking around the Seattle area for the weekend then you should NOT MISS this opening at the Ballard arts walk. My friend Betsy is fabulous and amazing and her embroidery drawings blow my mind. Check them out at La Dolce Vita this month or head on over to the opening on Saturday from 6-9. Be sure to give the artist a hug for me =)


Massive Website Update oh My!

Cheers to the stars! Rekoj has FINALLY updated her website!
A majority of the new paintings are up along with the addition of a brand new portfolio page of illustration work. Bout time!


There is something marvelous about seeing the piles of work you've done collected into one spot. Makes a chore such as html coding bearable with the treat of seeing it all come together in the end. Whew!

I've been absent with a balance between adventures in Olympia and getting things ready for the upcoming show. I'm astounded with just how quickly time has been passing. That is spring in the NW for you I guess =)