My official announcement from after the weekend is that I have finally decided - my studio, store, blog and website will continue to be called Rekoj Studios. Recycled, renewed and re-imagined.

Immediate goals are brand new website & biz cards and prepping for IHR in June and Bumbershoot this summer. For Bumbershoot I will perfect my checkbook covers as well as develop a line of painted tanks made from reclaimed fabric.

Other things in the works include: making the perfect padded laptop bag to be lined with my purple corduroy pants that are now way too big which is a continuation of my Rekoj bag developments - series of messenger bags to be sold in the fall.
I've been painting a series of people portraits on round wood circles with abstract backgrounds and will continue with those this month - picture posts soon!

Things in the works for my shop is that I'm researching the idea of art prints and I want to start playing with a way to make Rekoj pendants. I think they will involve black lines by wood burning. Will depend on the surface I can come up with. I've been skimming antique stores for ideas. Scrabble pieces? Poker chips? Something that wouldn't normally be a pendant remade into such. Any ideas?

Long term goal is to be in a shop and a gallery before the end of 2007.

The cup doth brimmeth over...


I've been following various blogs for some time now. Blogs of people who I look up to, who inspire me. People who have found a way to live their dreams and creative pursuits full time. Artists who by writing about their daily struggles, challenges, joys and victories in "making it" have made me believe that I can do it too. That anyone can do it if it's what they really want and they've got a little talent, a dash of charisma and a pound of persistance. With that in hand, you too can quit your day job.

And that's where I found myself today.

Contemplating my day job and finding that I wasn't so bitter about needing it as I used to be. That I no longer felt the loss and pinning for my 40 hours a week.
The realization that my creativity is fueled full time no matter where or how I spend my day as long as I am listening. As long as I am awake and paying attention.
And the day job actually allows me to be paying attention.
Because with a day job I don't have to be paying attention to my pocketbook, grocery stash or medical bill. A day job allows me to really and truly do exactly what I want to do with my creative muse without having to put too much though into "Will. This. Sell."
It also gives me a forced time and space for daydreaming. Letting my mind wander into the rythym of the copy machine or the linnear chaos of filing. Following these little treks to develop brewing ideas and imagery.

Or maybe I just finally found the right job.
Within lunch distance of walking to the Market or home. With creative energy and good souls.
And big windows for gazing at Elliot Bay don't hurt either.

My current reading list:


So's I was walking home from work and overheard an exchange between a man holding a cardboard sign and a man with a freshly parked shiny ride.
"I was just trying to help you out man - your back tire was on the curb." Says the man with the cardboard sign.
"I'm from Ballard - that's how we park there." Says the man with the freshly parked car.

Like it was a declaration - an indulgence of the locale.
Or the guy was trying to be funny to a man begging with a cardboard sign.


The lucky 13th post and in a similar vein of the last, it is about beauty. This morning I woke up on a Seattle Hill due to cat sitting for a friend and was gifted with one of the most amazing sunrises I have yet experienced here. Being up on a hill makes the Olympics seem even larger than they do from downtown. I drew open the shades and was greeted with light gloaming the morning sky, silohetted mountains with the beginnings of color dust and perfectly framed within was a crow on a wire. I sense a painting stiring. I tried to google an image that came close but not a single one did so of course I have no choice but to start a new painting...


Found and fell in love with the work of another artist today. Bailey Saliwanchik has pulled me in and made me peruse, ponder and muse in a way I have not in a few months. A true contemplation of the beauty and complexity of the female form without feeling "art school". Pure and inspired.



I Heart Rummage on Sunday was wonderful! So much fun. It was the first time in a year that I was in the front room rather than the back and by being so I really felt the community of it. Previously, my standard spot in the back room was just a little set away from other vendors which made conversations throughout the day with my fellow crafters disjointed and sporadic.
THIS time I was not only in the front room, but the CENTER of the front room. And so many people I know stopped by - thanks to all!