January Journal Nearly Full

To say the least it's been an interesting week. Kind of all over the place like this journal page! More journal play and lots of use of the color blue:
LinkLast week I rode Seattle's Link Light Rail for the first time (highly recommended form of transport) and I kept my little blue ticket as the kick off for this page. Along with a torn sheet of black origami paper. I've really been digging the blue & black with the white & gold writing!
This page was based upon a friend of mine telling me I needed to embrace the spirit of Mick. Mick was an old friend of ours who was highly skilled at living a double life for his love. (She was referring to my constant back & forth to Olympia). The image that came to mind were these Gemini type ladies. Hmmm... Neverending Story influences perhaps?
Then I spent both Monday & Tuesday this week having fun with this map page spread. Monday's entry began from a wonderful life drawing session at the Canoe Social Club. 3 hours with a model for $5 is pretty hard to argue with. Also highly recommended!


Stew Stew Studio

After today it's official - I'm all set up and working in my new studio. After 3 years of working solely in my bedroom it's a luxury to be able to spread out over 3 tables. A luxury I say - a luxury!

Today in the studio I made a mobile! A very simple and economical project. To make an origami mobile like this one you will need:

2 pairs of chopsticks
2 pipe cleaners
Ribbon to tie the top
Fishing line
Origami paper

This was a project for a friend. Each of the little origami envelopes has a secret note!

It's all part of a bigger art project going on in my household this weekend. Following a tradition that falls somewhere in between Thanksgiving and a Valentine we each write little notes or doodles for each other. Then each person draws the name of another to create an assembly of those notes. The last couple years I've made a little book since I do enjoy bookbinding but this year I wanted to do something more off the wall (or ceiling so to speak). Can't wait to unveil this tomorrow - obviously, since I'm letting the cat (mobile?) outta the bag right now!

I had just as much fun this year writing my comments. Since I've been on this kick of art journaling and play I decided to extend the play into this homework assignment. An art card for each person! Afterwards I included little notes for each but I loved how they looked at this stage - all laid out and each so different. I seriously had a ton of fun with the whole thing this year.



Pen & ink & Watercolor pencil

Illustration Friday helped me with one of my January Journal pages this week. It's been awhile since I participated but the this week's prompt just set me off. I LOVE how this came out! My favorite illustration of 2010! (Okay - so it's one of the only so far... but still)

This last week was pretty hectic busy for me due to having helped relocate my day job office. But despite it all I still have some more journal pages from the week for you to enjoy:

Playing with colored inks against my usual steady black.
But then here's where I finally broke through and just had crazy fun:

I am SERIOUSLY LOVING this new way of art play. It's kinda like yoga for my muse. And just like yoga - the more you do it the better it gets.


Art Journaling Update

This past week in the art journaling exercise I played with paper & textures. The above piece is just ink & colored pencil over an old atlas map. Fun random doodles while on a long phone call with the fellow.
This one on the right so deeply reminds of Katie Kendrick's intuitive paintings. A bird hat, a blindfold and a shot through the heart. Um... careful there. Who knew intuitive painting could be dangerous?
These last two entries are more journal-like - cataloging the days. I super-uber treated myself and made a lengthy stopover on my way down to Olympia on Friday at the infamous hot bed of ladylike nudity -- the Olympus Spa. Mmmm luxurious heat and meditation mmmm.

The following day was more body-bliss out enjoying an unseasonably warm & sunny hike through the Capitol Forrest. There is nothing quite like a 7 mile hike ending in twilight followed by a super healthy meal. Sometimes, it's all about the simple things.


From a Land Far Far Away

The connections you can make across the interwebs are wacky and wondrous. Through my long time following of the blog of bookbinder extraordinaire, Paperiaarre, I came across the link to another artist's blog (as is often to happen in this wide webbed world).

The blog was 101 Bird Tales by UK artist, Amelia Critchlow.
And in a way that hasn't happened since I first filled my Reader, I found myself clicking through ages of her archives of well written and thoughtful posts.
It just so happened that on the day I found myself exploring her blog she posted a shout out call for a swap. It was right before the holidays amidst all the rush and bustle. Regardless, I happily commented on her blog that I'd love to participate.

I sent off a lovely little experiment of ink and wax in a doodled upon envelope and when I came back from my Christmas holiday I found this exquisite little gift in my mailbox.

A message of "Freedom" all the way from a land far far away.


New Year New Fun

Oh 2010 here you are already! I have so many ideas, goals & dreams for the coming days and months that will be this year. No real solid "resolutions" but more challenges to myself. Things I would be doing regardless of a New Year's excuse. Things like cooking at home more and giving myself more time for my art. Beginning this week Friday will be my much guarded and coveted studio day.

And fun challenges like participating in a full month of daily art journaling, prompted by this post by Misty Mawn. I always always always carry my journal with me but it is usually used for such things as notes, lists and rants. January will be no holds barred COLOR. I will post my favorites here throughout the month. Like this entry from Saturday - a Bassduck and a Fierce Creature:

2010, I say "RRRRrrrrRRR!" to you! Onwards oh onwards.