It has been a week since I last posted... oops!
My excuse this time though is that I almost forgot that I was supposed to be preparing to show at the Urban Art Festival in Tacoma. How silly of me!
Coming with me will be a whole batch of shiny little new pendants which I'm rather excited about. Along with the usual heap of bags, cuffs, checkbook covers and clothing for young and old. If you're planning on being there I'll be at the I Heart Rummage booth - come on by and say hi!
I actually had quite the attempt a couple days ago to get some pictures of the pendants to put up for sale in my shop but sadly I was having such digital camera trouble that I got frustrated and gave up. I ended up reading a pretty great book instead. This was of course, before I remembered that I was supposed to be getting ready for the show...
UPDATE: I did not make it to the show afterall. To any of you who came by to check out the new pendants or to say hi I sincerely apologize. I hope you had a marvelous time despite the lack of REkoj!


Pendant Update - Loved my new pendants so much after I got them painted and sealed that I couldn't help but wear one today.

Here be a quick shot of a Rekoj wearing her favorite spring jacket with the mandarin collar and her new favorite little bird.


Currently on the studio table:
Three little pendants in progress! Last night I finally started playing with my new wood burner (acquired on Sunday) and these characters are what came of it. I will be embellishing these little wood pendants with stain, paint and varnishing before listing them in the shop.
Finally! After months and months of thinking about Rekoj pendants they are finally on their way! Could I be any more excited?


Newly updated in my etsy shop is this darling little Octopus purse. I've got a few of these to list and I had taken a whole slew of pictures some time ago only to find out that I actually quite suck at photography and I needed to redo them all. That's how we learn I suppose! So this picture turned out a lot less blurry but I'm still not certain I like my composition. Loving the colors but the angle of the shot is still not what I want.
Keep practicing Rekoj!
Funny how one can have such a steady hand for fine detail hand painting with thick screen printing ink but when it comes to holding a camera I get the odd sensation of having two left feet ... or er, eyes? Anyone have any suggestions or advice?
It's just something I have to keep at and I know it will get better. Better get better that is - if I've got any chance at all to Make It in this craft world I got to figure out how to take better pictures!



Here be a small sampling of the goods. Out of this stack only one was I parted from because... well... believe it or not, but it was 90 degrees in Seattle. The crowds that usually appear for all the crafty goodness that is I Heart Rummage were out playing in the sunshine. As they should be!

Was still a good time for us tired and way-too-hot vendors - much chatting and collaborating was had. Even spoke with a very enthusiastic Bergen of Deviant Design who wants to start up a brand new arts cooperative retail shop in Ballard - similar in structure to the now dearly departed Olympia Clothing Project. I say hell ya to that!