After a complete lack of sleep and tons of portable eating on my way to and from the studio I will finally be on my way. This time tomorrow will find me selling my goods, strutting my stuff and generally causing a ruckus of a good time at the CAPITOL HILL BLOCK PARTY! I'll have a rack of hand painted clothes, a plant stand tower of hand painted hand bags and a pile of painted checkbook covers. Yippee aye aie go me. Can I pass out now?


I’ve had a lack of cyber presence lately due to being on vacation – yeah for the Oregon Coast with nothing to do! I do recommend the lovely city of Yachats, OR. I stayed there at a beach house with my folks, which was super close to the sand and surf and also within walking distance to my favorite part of Yachats – the rocks! Yachats has this great section of volcanic rock along the coastline that are these huge barnacle covered boulders perfect for climbing and spelunking. Primo tide pools for sea life viewing and great little pockets of washed up beach stuff for combing. I came away with a whole bag of agates! Now I just got to figure out what to do with them as well as the bag I brought home from my visit two years ago… sigh. Agates anyone?


Soon I will go to the JoAnn Sale. Soon I will have no cash.


Oh the Joy of taking random scraps of bits of leftover fabric from various other creations and making something entirely new - such as this little handbag. The AHA moment of taking a pile of seams and thread, inverting it and realizing by golly this here is a handbag and wouldn't ya know? I made it.

You should make one too. We should have a little army of teeny jordy bags. Follow this tutorial on craftster: