View Across the Desert

Alcoholic Pass across the desert
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I'm back from the desert and it's all so bittersweet. I just uploaded my favorite pictures from the trip to Flickr which made me sad to be back to the good ol Seattle slog. Away from the sweet soaking sunshine, the blooming Ocotillo and creosote on the breeze and the seemingly never ending company of Andy & family. Nine days of bliss is hard to adjust out of - yet all in all I must admit the deep breath of "home" when I sat my bags down back here in the studio.

It was good to be away and it's good to be back in equal measure. Between breathtakingly beautiful hikes and incredible food I finally got around to reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and have to admit it IS all everyone has cracked it up to be. Within the first chapter she had me scribbling in my journal and up with the sun to paint the sunrise. My week was filled with long walks, deep contemplations, adventurous dreams and stacks of desert watercolors. Sweet sweet wonderfulness that is =)

And now I'm barely home and already watering the seedlings of my next journey...


Candy Stuffed Valentine Tutorial

Hello there! As I was playing around with Valentines for my Valentines this afternoon I thought I would gift one to you as well - a quick & fun tutorial!

Here is precisely how I made myself some Candy Stuffed Valentines:

Parchment paper
sewing machine
scrap paper
Valentines Candy

Step One
Cut one 5 inch piece of parchment paper off the roll. Fold in half and cut into a full heart shape leaving the fold of the paper at the bottom.

Step Two
Cut smaller hearts out of your scrap paper. I used mine to spell out the word "Valentine". Cut as many little hearts as you need for your Valentine message.
Step Three
Start at the base of the heart near the fold and sew up the sides. Stop halfway down the 2nd side. Leave the needle in the paper.

Step Four
Carefully insert your scrap paper hearts & candy into your half-sewn Valentine. (Yes it is possible to do this without getting chocolate all over your sewing machine - even if your using giant XO candy made by Moonstruck Chocolates like me!)
Step Five
Finish sewing up the side of your Valentine securing your secret message and treats inside.

Step Six
Give to adoring Valentine with pride!


Illustration Friday "Flawed"

Illustration Friday - "Flawed"
Love Enters but Does not Stay
4" x 6"
Ink & Watercolor on coffee stained paper
The deepest flaw of all is the inability to love - yourself or others - no matter the cause.