Tonight I met, planned and schemed with some of the leading lovelies from I Heart Rummage.

And it was the best "community art group" meeting I have ever had.

Have I ever come away from something more infused and inspired to be the best damn artist I can be? Nope, I think not. In a sum - we rocked. I'll be a key part of grouping some of the biggest and best Indie talent the NW has to offer. Look out Seattle! IHeart everything is gearing up to put out!

Did I mention that I would be hawkin the wares at I Heart Rummage next Sunday?

Coming right up: Sunday, June 3rd Noon to 4pm at the Crocodile Cafe.

And now it is time to catch some sleep so I can get up "early" and make a bunch. Love Love Love Saturdays! Or should I say, I Heart?


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