Pendant Packaging

I absolutely love being able to use something that was to otherwise be thrown away. So imagine my excitement when one of the architects I work with let me know about an entire box of expired product sample cards that were to be thrown out!

These very sample cards will become the packaging / display for my pendants at Bumbershoot. Now I just have to figure out how to get my name or logo on the front. I'm thinking some clear little labels with the cord wrapped up in recycled bag plastic and taped to the back ... we'll see!

I'm curious as to what other up-cycling others have done for packaging?

I just ran a quick search and didn't find much - maybe I was looking in the wrong places! But what I did find was the AWESOME tutorial on making your own bubble mailers from Etsy seller 27Things. Ah the power of the internet to distract us to no end. I bet I know how these little pendants will be mailed now though if anyone choses to buy one after I upload them to Etsy...


tyesha said...

I have 2 full boxes of wall paper samples from a decoration business that was next to my old work. They are so cool. I've used them in a variety of ways but packaging is a great idea!

You are going to be at Bumbershoot? How cool. I'll have to stop buy and see your stuff.

Rekoj said...

Wall paper samples are the best of fun! One of my past roommates had gotten a couple of books of samples from the 70s at a garage sale and she used them to make pretty amazing greeting cards.

Yay for Bumbershoot - guess I'll see you there!

Dawn said...

One of my co-workers brought in a stack of magazines yesterday, and I went home with about half of them last night. I think I'm taking the rest of them today. So much fun and cute stuff I can do with old magazines before they hit the recycling bin! :)

Rekoj said...

Yep - Recycle before you even recycle!