A Reward for all the Hard Work

Here we see Rekoj's Reward. Rekoj purchased these darling earrings at the end of last week as a personal reward to self for getting through last week. It is oddly enough - my first ever Etsy Purchase. Which blows my mind because I've been on Etsy for over a year. I'm just not much of a real shopper - more of a constant browser!
These lovelies hooked me in multiple ways.
One - they are earrings and I've been on an earring kick lately.
Two - the seller's whole shop has GREAT pictures. I mean - look at that darling print for the item backdrop.
Three - the seller had very concise write-ups
Four - the seller posted a sale promotion on her blog which got me to look in the first place
All fabulously simple Etsy "how to's" and all things I could do better with in my own shop. Once I start posting again after Bumbershoot I will be keeping Ambika in mind as my posting role model.

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