3 Days Three Doodles

Silly oh silly me - give myself an assignment and then leave for the weekend. I was oh so good and remembered to bring my camera with me for taking progress photos but what I forgot was the USB cable. Oops! Ah well - doing the assignment has been the important part anyways and oh so much fun. Here they are posted in order of creation - Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

On Saturday I was so into yard sketching that I actually did more than just the one. But I decided to post the crows because they amused me so at the time. All of these crows coming and going and making happy happy crow noises while they went after these vivid red berries in the yonder tree. The next day I spent quite a lot of time on the porch in the sunshine journaling. I was working through my thoughts on a major housing and studio opportunity and after I had completed those ramblings I was struck by this vivid image of a camel. I'm still not quite sure what her story is but there you have it.

Saturday night while in Olympia I spent some time sneaking around the Capitol campus after dark getting night shots of the Capitol building as reference for a painting I want to do. I felt very secret agent like and it was tons of fun. I do recommend more reference photo escapades for myself and you!
I didn't start the painting tonight but I couldn't help but make a little drawing collage from the imagery I took on Saturday night.

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