Lightbox Tuning

Yesterday I created the light box. Everyone passing by the kitchen undoubtedly would ask, "What are you doing??" with quizzical looks as the cardboard box I was massacring. I would answer "I'm making a photo light box" and the quizzical look would remain as they went "hmmm..." and walked away.

Tonight I tried out said light box and well... it needs some tuning. I think the vellum paper I used for the sides may have been a bit too thick.
I was following this tutorial recommended to me by Scarywhitegirl. The tutorial was quite wonderful. The operator following the tutorial may need to be questioned however...

The whole idea was to be able to better photograph all of my wood burned pendants. Either I need to trade out the paper, bring in 10 more lights, upgrade my camera or do all three because I'm still not satisfied with the way these little guys are photographing.

Trust me - this looked way cooler in person.

Someday my pendants will be on Etsy! Someday!


Dawn said...

I would say that thinner side paper is probably the first change to make. Though I did notice that even with my tissue paper on the sides of mine, I still was going to need the overhead light (5 standard lightbulbs, probably 60 watt), along with my "spotlight" (a light for doing detail work, 75 watt bulb), and another light to go opposite the spotlight. So it may be a combination of thinner paper and more light. :)

Rekoj said...

Thanks Dawn!
I'll try swapping out the paper and adding some more light and then I'll post an update.

Terri said...

I just finished making mine, and it's scary. lol :)