Strange Days & Fall Changes

What an interesting and strange time it has been these past 48 hours. The transition from summer to Fall has always been an inspired time for me, as it is for many that I know.
This particular year has been a... what do you call it when the Universe steps in? What do you call those moments when a crossroads is crossed. A Bridge Burned? A door opened?
Whatever it is I'm fascinated. Sometimes you totally think that you are in control of your own life and that's when it happens. Something or someone steps in and shakes it all up.
I am no longer working on I Heart Indie Holidays. And I might not be able to return to I Heart Rummage. Which saddens me. IHR has been a part of my life for a few years now.
I suppose it is just time to move onto new things.
So there be the trouble at the garden gate.
But things aren't all bad. In the garden and in the works are some exciting new developments in my life:

A connection with the girls of Crafty Wonderland and
I may start going to Portland once a month to participate in their show.

The EtsyRain meet up group had a meeting last night at Ravenna Third Place Books which both the group and the location was super inspiring.

I've now had the pleasure of getting to meet and now potentially work with Rosalie of UglyBaby and bARTerSauce.
This girl inspires me to no end and I can't wait to brainstorm with her over beer again. Besides... I now owe her one... or er two...

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