currently on the studio table...

Sitting strewn among the various projects are some little bottles of nyquil, some vapor rub, some Airborne and a bunch of vitamins.
Yep indeed... much as I was oh such a good girl trying to fight it off with early bedtimes, lots of water and good food I still managed to come down with the sickie bug that's been going round.
And I'm supposed to be leaving tonight on a weekend trip to the Oregon coast. At least I'm not the one driving. And the coast will look just as pretty from inside the house in my pajamas right?
So in summary, excuse my little absence this week. Fate willing I'll be back up and posting lovelies in no time.
And yes, there in the background on the studio table is the source material from the previous post's drawing - it's the album cover of Resist by kosheen. Lovely lovely natural history photos in that album's booklet.
Okay. Back to bed with me!

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