Donation to DIFFA

I've got four Rekoj Men's shirts all packed up and ready to go to the silent auction for DIFFA. My involvement in this is very last minute - I didn't really know about it at all until last week when the girls at the Urban Fashion Network put out a plea through the email begging for Men's items.
I had just one Rekoj Men's button down shirt left - a piece called "Flock" with seagulls floating up one side. In the process of saying I would donate "Flock" I decided why not donate a few more?

I had a small stockpile of discarded men's button downs just waiting to be painted... I had a free evening and it was for a good cause so I went for it.

I painted three "new" shirts:
Autumn Leaves

A few hours of my time doing something I love to do anyways and it will help people living with Aids?

So if you happen to be attending this oh so hip and fashionable Party at the Mansion, be sure and say hello to these 4 Rekoj shirts - they'll be having a blast and living it up like they belong amongst the finery!

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