Among Other Things

Rekoj is quite busy working on this:

A much overdue, long awaited ACTUAL website! Hooray!

I had one before - years ago Andy taught me some very basic html. Enough that I could quickly set up a portfolio website before an Olympia Arts Walk show. And then... well it just stayed that way. Yep - the classic "3 year old and no longer valid at all and embarrassed to send people to the website" kind of website. Oops. How does time fly like that? So I let it expire and then I anguished for ages on which new domain name to go with. (Rekoj Design or something more general to encompass ALL artwork that I do)

In the end I decided to stick with Rekoj Design - because afterall, it has become my "brand" that I have built up over the past 5 years. From way back in the days of the Olympia Clothing Project and I Heart Rummages to now. And I decided that just because Rekoj began with clothes, didn't mean that the new website had to be nothing but clothes. The over-arching theme is that it's really all about the line drawings and the art of it. So hence the super graphic homepage. Building the pages and the links isn't the hard part, nor what has kept me procrastinating. It's the picture taking honestly. I really have a steady dislike for dealing with cameras and photos. Good grief. Won't be a very interesting website without 'em though so I better get snappin! Among other things...

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