100th Post Giveaway

I LOVE susprise giveaways - don't you? I honestly probably wouldn't have even thought to do one to celebrate my 100th post, except that I recently found myself on the recieving end. Back in January as a welcome to 2008 Little Robot offered a giveaway in this post to the first to comment. I think I just got lucky that day - checking my Reader at just the right moment to be in sync with this wonderful artist who had just posted in Scotland. I had been following her blog for some time - I think after she had become a featured seller on Etsy. I was instantly taken with her intricate style and loved reading about her process for creating Automatons. If you do not know what an automaton is then I suggest you hurry over to her gallery this instant.

After a long tiring weekend of traveling and fun, I returned in the wee hours this morning to find this propped against my door:

Upon seeing the "Royal Mail" post I immediately knew who it was from and there, in the wee hours I tore into the package to discover:

Little Robot's artwork looks absolutely perfect on this little moo card! And look at how secure and protected the package is - two heavy cardstocks and a plastic sleeve protector. A plus awesome! With anticipation and excitment, almost knowing what it was to be but not quite, I opened it up to find:

Her brand new printed DIY version of "The Heart Revealed". I almost called in sick to work I was so excited to put this together. But alas! I'm a responsible office presence so here I am, daydreaming about my x-acto knife and glue.

And yes - just like the post title suggests - the first to comment here on my 100th post will recieve a susprise giveaway.


Karin said...

Am I the 100th? lol

Karin said...

Sorry. I was confused and in a hurry-- Guess I'm supposed to be the first to comment on your 100th post..... right?! I have to work on my reading comprehension skills!