Giveaway Given

Ah! A well rested Saturday morning. Last night I cleaned up a bit in preparation for all the work I want to do this weekend. It's nice to have a clean studio table -while it lasts!
I also began cutting out and assembling the theater that Little Robot sent to me. It is so gorgeous I can barely wait until it's enirely done before I hang it on the wall. The colors and intricate detail is such an inspiration.

Oh yes - and congratulations to Karin who won the 100th post giveaway!
Here is a sneak peak - shhhh! It's a surprise.

Off to the post office this morning to send this out in today's mail, with a little hope that "off to the post office" is something I'll have to do more and more this year.
Happy Saturday everyone!

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Karin said...

The necklace and the card arrived safely. Love them!--- thank you so much for the gift!