Illustration Friday - Garden

Garden Bounty
Fabric Ink on Rescued Hooded Sweatshirt

Ha! A eureka moment - all of these one of a kind, hand painted clothes that I have been doing for years and years? They are totally illustrations so why the heck not submit some to Illustration Friday? Oh yeah. And I actually painted this one on Friday thanks to the IF inspiration.

These past few days have been incredible. A bit of an up/down roller coaster but incredible all the same. On Friday, amidst painting this hoodie, I made realize that a long term dream/goal of mine was suddenly possible for this year. Artfest 2008 Port Townsend had a registered attendee who needed to sell her sold-out spot, which I found out about thanks to Kelly Rae's blog post. I emailed and schemed and planned and danced in excitement!
But I tried to contain myself because it wasn't finalized until I could actually get the time off work. Here it was, a festival that artist FLY in from all over the country and the world and I live a mere 2 hours from it and I might not have been able to take the chance because of work. Gave me many days of fretting that's what.

I kept myself plenty distracted over the weekend though with visiting friends and family, an amazing trip to Ballard and the Locks where I got to photograph a posing crow, (more on that later!) eat great food and laugh, smile and love with my loved ones. I saw a choir concert, ate crepes and took a research trip to the Suzzallo Library with my bf Katie. Marvelous weekend. The only bad part was Sunday night where my same bf was interviewing among 4 other amazing people for an open membership position in my home. She was up against some hot cookies and I'm trying to hope & hold onto the belief that everything works out for reason's yet unseen and perhaps now was not the right time. The future perhaps.

So all in all a rich full wonderful weekend that had me fretting and pacing with excitement / anticipation / fretting and confusion. This afternoon brought affirmation though. I can go!
*** Insert SQUEE ***

I can see all of the new connections and inspirations that will follow from going. I can picture giving inspiration to others. I can picture Fort Worden perfectly because I've been there several times before. Smiles on the beach with paint under my fingernails.

My thanks go out to Lindsay, Kelly, my boss & the Universe.


Michelle said...

very pretty! I'm a fan of simple illo's that are placed in the not so usual places on clothing, and this came out very cute!

kris said...

i second that love for non-boring placement. i'd like to see what you'd do on a clear raincoat! tis the season. email back if you do.

Dawn said...

Congrats on being able to go to the Artfest! I've been to Port Townsend twice now (was up there Thursday), and I do love that place. While you're there, go to Bread and Roses (I don't know the exact location, but it's downtown), cuz they are awesome and have tasty food! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.