Purple Rain and Indecision

Over the past week I've begun posting pendants on Etsy again. Such as this Purple Rain pendant that I listed today. It went perfectly with the current Etsyrain Creative Challenge, so of course I had to list this one next. Finally, the shop isn't looking too bad! (Thanks again to the lovely photography of MarloM!)

Today is a return to Rekoj. I've given it a break these last two months - I have been painting for pleasure rather than for sale. And it has been wonderful! Wonderful and rejuvenating. The well-spring of rekoj lines is flowing once more and I'm ready to commit some fresh ink to some fabric today. I'm about to go get busy but I wanted to stop off here first and say hello. Actually, as the post title suggests, when I first set down to type this I was still at a coin toss between working some more on my oils or digging into the clothing to be painted bag.
Sometimes all you need to do to figure out your direction for the day is to take a moment to sit still. Happy Sunday Doves!

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