Artfest Glow

I'm still fully immersed in the post-Artfest glow. My studio table is covered with projects and paints and collage images are scattered in piles all around. How completely wonderful. If I had known what sort of an inspiration booster shot I was missing out on every year .... well let's just say then I wouldn't have been missing out on it!
This picture was captured on Sunday morning as we were all leaving by everyone else's camera but mine (since I had forgotten to charge it). When I saw it on Julie & Candice's blog I just loved it and had to repost. I think it captures the Artfest glow that is on all of us. Not to mention that SWEET house we all got to stay in. I miss all of them already - including Jennifer who sadly isn't pictured since she had already gotten on her shuttle to the airport 3 hours earlier.
From left to right: Candice, Me, Kecia & Julie
Kecia & I shared a room and we got along fabulously. I sense a growing friendship! And the Artnest girls were just riot - they brought such excited happy energy to our household. Jennifer & I got inspired together at the Lomography lecture and carried some great, thoughtful conversations throughout the rest of the weekend. And all 4 of them had already known each other previously by attending the Artnest in Colorado. These ladies were one of the best parts of the trip for me and I am so glad for having met all of them.

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