Bearded Guy and Beautiful Pigeons

What oh what has Rekoj been up to?

Turning pigeons into art tis what!

The super fun play of oil painting on wood that I described last week has now evolved into my favorite medium. The oil just glides and blends into the wood with a perfection and smoothness that I always fought for on canvas. All I got to say is Buh-Bye Canvas and thanks to Audrey Kawaski!

The painting is titled "See-Line Woman Dressed in Blue" taken from the Nina Simone song. It's about 12 x 15ish.
Last week, I watched out the window of work a pigeon dive off the roof of a neighboring building. That brief flash of flight was enough to spark the desire to paint it that night. So I layed out the sketch of bird and then blended in layers and layers of oil over the week to form the prettiest little pigeon I'd ever seen. The blue lines completely embrace my Rekoj tendencies and fall into the series idea I want to continue - To combine the Rekoj line drawings that I've been doodling on clothing all this time into my oil paintings that I have kept completely separate and sporadic.

At least for now, I've found the calling of my muse. I can barely keep up with her!

And here to the right is finally, as promised, a picture of the painting I referred to in my last post.

This bearded fella is done using the same method of oil on wood as influenced by Audrey Kawaski. Does he look like one of her lovely beauties? Nope. This guy is entirely my own. Actually, I believe that he was already living in this chunk of wood anyways before I came along and pulled him out.
"God of Love Caught in a Mousesuit" 15x12ish, oil on found wood.

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