Artist Dreams

Let me tell you a story.
Last night I dreamed of the tiny salmon that did not make it down the slough while we all watched. I dreamed of my tears while watching my partner Andy climb down the same slough that claimed the salmon. And the wise old man who said to me, "Here - let me teach you a song for him." And my tears at the beauty of his song. And the discovery of the mason jars that would bloom with fresh flowers if I breathed into them like fogging up a window.
Why am I sharing such a dream in my online journal - A dream that I normally would just jot down into my sketchbook? Because I'm curious if other artists also have such strange, vivid dreams. For me, this is the stuff of paintings. This is the well where my paintings stem from. And I never can make sense of it.
Tell me - can you relate? Or am I just a weird, weird girl?
Either way I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Mason jar cheers,

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