Inspiring Others / Inspiring Self

Did you catch the June 2nd Inspire Someone post on Decor8?
Holly of Decor8 was inspired by Emily of the Black Apple who cleaned out her studio and offered up a giveaway of inspiration packs on her blog, which Marisa Haedike of Creative Thursday won one. (It's such a small world, after all you know!)
So Holly of Decor8 was inspired to offer a similar giveaway - but on a larger scale. She put out a call to her readers to each clean out their prospective studios and send in bits, bobs, scraps and snips that she will then re-organize into 20 giant inspiration packs and offer up in a comment giveaway early next month.
It was super fun and inspiring to participate. I got to clear out some old and misprinted items and hopefully they'll be renewed in a project or two out there!

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