Illustration Friday - Sour

"Oh sour grapes - I lost my heart"
Pen & Ink on creme paper
6" x 9"

The word prompt of "sour" brought to mind lyrics from a Joni Mitchell song. The 1974 album Court and Spark (one of my all time favorites) has a song on it called "Just Like This Train", about a broken heart. The song ends with the lyrics:
I can't find my goodness
I lost my heart
Oh sour grapes
Because I lost my heart

And that is how this illustration got her start. Once I had the sour-grape-broken-heart idea in my head I knew I wanted a broken hearted looking girl holding grapes. So to find a quick model for my gesture study I hopped on over to good ol' Google image search. Typed in the phrase "broken hearted girl" just to see what I got. And that brought me this image by photographer Joan Vincent Canto.