Unveiling of a new Series..

The Punk Rock Flea Market will be this coming Saturday and look at these new lovelies I've prepared for it:

Remember that stack of cut mats? This is what they were for.
While at the beach I started carving the linoleum block for the tree print. The tree was a drawing I did while at the beach the previous summer. It took me a few days to carve off & on between long walks, tide pool exploring and thrift store shopping. It was during one such thrift shop trip where I came across a whole shelf of Pianola paper. Also known as Player Piano paper. I have fond memories of these paper rolls from somewhere back in childhood - a vacation as a kid to a lodge that had a Pianola I think? Or perhaps my piano teacher had one in her living room. Regardless I remember being fascinated by all the little holes and trying to figure out how the piano knew which keys to play.

The second my fingers touched those long cylindrical boxes I just knew. A complete and total vision of the block print I was already working on printed over the yellowed hole ridden paper with a colored backing paper showing through.

Exquisite joy to see such a flash of insight come together so perfectly. The music paper makes each print totally unique and with all the various combinations of colored backing paper I'm certain that the print will look amazing in many homes & settings.
Voila - methinks she found herself a new series!

This first round will be offered for sale at the Punk Rock Flea Market this Saturday.

Printed in archival water based ink and mounted on acid free materials each print will be offered at an introductory Punk Rock rate including mat. So if you're in the Seattle area I highly recommend stopping by to pick one up - they won't last!

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