Port Townsend trip with the Ladies

Last Friday I took a trip with 3 fabulous lady friends. Let me share with you!
Lady friends Kirsten, Jennifer & myself met up at the Washington State Ferry terminal on Friday to head across the water to Bainbridge Island where we were picked up by Betsy of Baddins and taken to her delightful little cabin:

And we were met by little lady Otter:

What a cutie!

When we arrived at the cabin Betsy revealed not only homemade garden soup but fresh baked bread for dinner - delicious! We followed up dinner with wine and lots of chatting and somewhere in there Betsy even zapped some cookies into existence before going to bed way late. Oh yeah - that's what lady time is all about!

In the morning we awoke with amazement as Betsy had whipped up ANOTHER loaf of fresh baked bread (the woman is amazing no doubt) and we breakfasted on bread and eggs with coffee & kombucha. Just what some ladies need to kick off their morning of garage sales! So off we headed towards Port Townsend stopping at garage sale signs along the way.

On one of our stops we made some new friends:

And then there we were in beautiful Port Townsend on a gorgeous summer day. We paused in town for more coffee at Tyler Street Coffee House and a slice of Waterfront Pizza - neither should be missed. We ate our lunch on the beach and then continued on our way up to Fort Worden since we were pretty well shopped out at that point.

At Fort Worden Jennifer set the timer on her camera and we took our band photo --- if we were to start a band anyways this would have to be the album cover:

Sara, Kirsten, Betsy & Jennifer at Fort Worden.

We spent a few hours at Fort Worden spelunking and wandering the beach and painting and drawing. After which we were in dire need of corn, of course.

Oh how sweet the days of summer when they're shared with friends!

*** All photos in the is post were taken by our trip documentarian, Jennifer! ***

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Emma said...

1. Ooh, bread! One of these days I'll try making my own!
2. Yay, kombucha. Really makes me happy. Placebo effect perhaps, but it works for me!
3. I have a musician style photo of Chuck somewhere. That and I always said I was going to rope a friend of mine into a polka band called...wait for it...the POLKA DOTS! haha!

Glad to hear about your trip!