The Swan Fates

The Swan Fates
Oil on Found Wood
15.25" x 19"
Let me introduce the 2 newest to the series (same as the sheep I've been working on).
These two have been finished for a little while and I finally took photographs of them a week ago. I'm not sure why I was holding off on revealing them - maybe because I liked them so much.
Or maybe it is because with revealing them, I feel the need to start explaining the series.
Hmmm.... I think I'll wait a bit more to reveal that bit of magic.
I'll let it percolate for a day or two so I can ask - what do you think this series is about?


Emily said...

Ooh pretty! I love to see how you work with white and depth! The sharp black squiggles remind me of seaweed and oil… makes for a delicate balance… thanks for sharing!

Kayce said...

Oh - Those are fantastic!