Not really MIA

I'm not really missing in action - I promise! Just been real super busy getting ready for showing my oil paintings at the next First Thursday Arts Walk in Pioneer Square - YAY!!

I'll be at 619 Western on the 5th floor from 5pm - 10 pm on Thursday, October 2nd.

Till then my plan was to be happily painting away. Until I discovered a large community of univited studio mates that is... Why is it that when you're crunched for time the universe throws a few more things into the mix? Like wool eating moths. It's SO cool how they love to munch on all things animal fiber - including expensive paint brushes you had nicely stored in a drawer... Bad Bad buggies!!

Sigh. I'll make it through I'm sure. On the plus side my studio sure smells good now - got about a dozen moth be gone sachets in various hidey-holes. Mmmm herbs!

I'm going to probably be a little quieter on the posting for a bit while I focus on painting. I tend to go a little one-track-mind when it comes to oils. Love it!

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