Nudge from the Universe

So I had a moment of chills yesterday morning that now I have to share with you. It is totally proof for me that the Universe or the Fates or the cosmic muffin DOES give you gentle little signs and tugs if you pay attention.

On Craigslist a co-op gallery in Pioneer Square had posted a call for new member artists. I went to the site, checked it out and was like hmmm… It’s a small financial & time commitment since it is a co-op so I figured I would think about it. The deadline to apply was coming up so I was poking around on their site yesterday and was kind of leaning towards not applying even though it was free to apply, would give me a ton of connections in the art scene if I did make it in etc. I think I was just feeling lazy and over-co-op’d.

That is, until I saw a picture of myself and my friend Katie on the website. Talk about “seeing yourself” in the space. Jeez.

They must have taken a pic just randomly during a past arts walk and then posted it on their site. It’s fuzzy quality but I totally recognize us both. Wowza.

Here’s our mugs:

So I ended up submitting to them. And why this long lengthy story about it? Because they just ASKED ME FOR AN INTERVIEW!!!!! They wanted me to bring a sample of my work in right away - Wish me luck for tomorrow!

And thanks - thanks Universe ; P


Betsy said...

And this is why i call you a synchronicity unicorn friend. Good luck at your interview, friend!

kecia said...

congrats my friend! i think you are wise to heed to signs being thrown in your direction. crossing my fingers for you.......... thanks for my birthday box of goodness - that was fun!

kecia said...

i was wondering who might notice my collaged stairs - and it was you!


Emily said...

what fun! congrats!