Weekend Glow Review

I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon sitting in Andy's backyard in Olympia, WA. It was a perfect Fall day and I spent it doing two favorite things - painting and hiking. Near perfect perfection.

And I nearly missed out on that perfect perfection because I almost didn't make it out of Seattle on Saturday afternoon. I had been on Beacon Hill and then left to get on the freeway only to find crazy detours left and right for tree pruning. I was kind of waffling a bit about whether to make the drive south or not and then throw in the detours and I almost detoured myself right back home. Except that the detours brought me here to this sparkly wonderfulness:

Without the detours I would have missed this section of beauty on Beacon Hill. Isn't it just luscious? I was just about in love with the colors and textures of this amazing mural.
Pardon the glassy haze in the photo - it is from taking a quick picture out my car window after swerving to pull over with my brand new camera phone. Yep - finally joined in on the new phone technology. I've now got a phone that does everything - literally. I think it even does the laundry. Well... I'm hoping anyways. So far I've discovered that the thing takes pictures, edits pictures, plays FM radio and MP3s, records sound and even will record your steps if you tell it. (So you know how many steps it takes to get to the laundry...)
Did I mention it was now late and I'm needing to get to bed instead of playing with the new phone toy?

In the meantime, I'll leave you with the sweet dreams of mural painting and a sneak peek at what I was up to in the backyard all afternoon:

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Betsy said...

I know that pretty bamboo!!!!! Andy is a lucky ducky!