2009 Calendar Favorites

In the course of research for the Calendarling project that Betsy & I collaborated on I have now been exposed to SO MANY incredible calendars I can barely stand it. I seriously want to line my hallway with my favorites. I think after designing one myself I have a new found appreciation for the talent that goes into putting one of these time-marking lovelies out there.

Such as the letterpress design perfection of another artist collaboration between Ink & Wit and Pistachio Press. If I was forced to chose a top favorite, this would be it:

A close runner up would be another graphically inclined calendar after my own black-line-drawing-lover-heart - The Jardin Calendar by Magnolia and Moonlight:

And then of course there is the 2009 edition of the same artist calendar that I coveted last year - The Creative Thursday Calendar:


Rachel said...

I, too, have a special fondness for calendars. I love looking at them, flipping through them, and choosing the one that will be MINE for the whole year. I also have a fondness for day books.
By the way, I already received mine in the mail today. I panicked for a minute, the mail lady shoved the envelope into my box and I was so scared it was bent. Fortunately it was not.
I am going to post it in my "office" and stare at the cover for the next 2 months!

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

thank you so much Rekoj!
Beautiful picks!!!

sara said...

Thanks Marisa! I'm honored you stopped by =)

And thanks Rachel - I'm super thrilled you like my cover design enough to stare at it for 2 months. Maybe I need to hook you up with some more art? =) Glad the mail lady didn't squish your calendar too bad!

Rachel said...

Well, my walls are looking kinda nekid, now that there is no longer an artist in residence...

SEO said...

thank you so much Rekoj!