Weekend Holiday Booster

Every holiday has tradition. Within each family and for each person. Ever since I left for college, my mother & I have upheld the tradition of celebrating her birthday together by trimming the tree.
Our journey begins with the annual tree stalking ceremony:
It was snowing up on the tree farm this year so hence why my parents look like abominable snowfolk.
After sleuthing out the bestest of trees and warming up heartily by the fire whilst drinking hot cocoa, we headed back down the mountain with our catch.
This hard work of course had to be followed up by some traditional festive nourishment.
I do swear that nothing is more warming on a cold day than a bowl of miso soup...
This year I talked my Mom into using only white and blue ornaments on the tree (mostly inspired by my flea market find of a whole set of antique blue glass ornaments!) I'm pretty enamored with the result. We toasted the tree with our traditional eggnog finale.
Can you spot the Rekoj original ornament front and center?
This year I also got to set up my personal favorite holiday decoration: the Christmas Village. For many a year through Junior High & High School I would paint a house a year. Until we ran out of room for further Christmas Village development...
After all that holiday tradition the NW was hit with a pretty solid winter storm. It was icing on my holiday cake. This year, I feel like I've already had my White Christmas.
The holidays are such a wonderful time to revel with close family and friends.
Here's hoping you stay merry & warm. And while your at it, toast a sip of eggnog to traditions.


Emma K. Nolan said...

Hey, my tree is blue and white too. Courtesy of Martha Stewart though. We also always had a Christmas village after my mom started collecting little houses. I was designated city planner up until I moved away. Fun too, it has a space needle, totem pole, statue of liberty...we pick up oddball things for it on vacations, etc. Looks pretty funny since they're all different scales, but it sure is fun!

Sara said...

Would you believe that neither my Mom or myself pay any attention to good ol' Martha? She must be powerful enough to project her Christmas tree decor ideas into the collective unconciousness. That is either rad, or frightening... not sure which!

I always wanted to do a village just like you described! You should get or find a picture of it =)

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