Learning New Techniques - encaustic

As a New Year's treat to myself I took a workshop last Saturday hosted by another La Familia Gallery artist. Janet Miller's work immediately drew me in my first day to the gallery. It wasn't until later that I even realized it was encaustic. And it wasn't until later after that when I realized the Janet Miller at the gallery was the same Janet who's flyer for an encaustic workshop I saw and had already had an email correspondence with.
Sometimes I swear my life is strange like that.

Knowing I had a little household gift giving tradition coming up for La Befana (Italian witch who flies around on the Eve of the Epiphany leaving things in children's shoes) I focused on making two dozen teeny encaustic tiles for my co-op mates. Janet herself wasn't even sure if it would adhere to the tiles but I went ahead and gave it a go anyways and voila! Loveliness.
I handed them out to shoes throughout the household with merriment...
I then took off to Olympia for the following weekend to visit Andy & see my friend Jenna which was lovely fun of course. But when I returned home I discovered that all my little tiles had inspired some of my housemates to finally finish a section of mosaic in one of our bathrooms.
Totally an "awe shucks... you guys!" kind of moment.


Betsy said...

Those are sooooooo soooo pretty!!!!!

Rosalie said...

Rad! I want a tile!