Twelve days eh?

So it's been twelve full days since I've last stopped in to say hello. Why is that? Well because I've been happily busy of course!

There are many things in the works over here in the studio including lots of new oil paintings for the upcoming show at La Familia - one of which being 4 feet tall! I can't wait to share them with you. Go creative energy go!

Things have also been ramping up on a couple of side projects. Earlier this year I began an internship with another more established artist who just returned from an installation at SCOPE in NY. I helped out with some of the prep work which involved 300 dried Chinese Elm leaves and a whole lot of acrylic gel. The end result was another iteration of this piece called Branching Systems:
Ryan Wolfe is a kinetic sculpturist -- so all those leaves you see? Yeah, well, they move when you get close to them. Technology and art can make some gorgeous statements in the right hands.
Next step will be helping to get this guy organized so he can be as successful as he should be. No small task when you have a plethora of pictures from multiple versions to sort through, but video as well. Whew!
Got to go get busy again. Happy weekend all!


Rosalie said...

busy busy potato. Nice work. I made it to the gym twice -- but no Sara potato.
Hope to see you soon.

Emma said...

cooooooooool! kinetic art. :)