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Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA

In little over a month from now - with my studio newly emptied after hanging my art show - I will find myself back at Fort Worden. This time I'll get to stay for a week though because I just found out that I get to be a 2009 EDGE Program participant!!!
To those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about it is a week long intensive career training for artists put on by Artist Trust. It is kind of like getting a grant into a mini-Grad school. It is kinda exciting. They only select 32 artists every year to participate so I feel pretty darn honored.
It has been a busy month only getting busier as I prepare for the art show in July and also the Punk Rock Flea Market in June. And to top it off I've had my head full of ideas for a pretty serious studio remodel. Yep - we're shaping up for a busy summer season round these here parts...
Oh yes... and in other Blog Worthy news it will be my birthday tomorrow. I've been so busy that I seriously keep forgetting. Seriously. So much so that there is a joint party going on for myself and my friend Kirsten that I have yet to invite any of my friends to. Seriously. Bad Sara.
And to think things are only going to get worse...Wheee!

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Betsy said...

only getting BETTER! Hey! CONGRATULATIONS on EDGE! I am proud of you! :-D