New Website and Miami Dreaming


Figured it was about time I created a website just for my paintings - since they pretty much have taken over and all. All my illustration work will continue to be posted to Rekoj Design but I recently found a strong need to have people be able to find me by my actual name. Fancy that.

Just in time too because I recently found out that I get to travel to Miami soon with my gallery for AQUA ART MIAMI - !!!!!
Super duper exciting!

La Familia is hosting a really incredible online art auction in an effort to raise funds for shipping all the artwork we need to ship to Miami next month. Check it out for a chance to get a super sweet deal on some really lovely pieces - and support a whole group of NW artists to boot!
Bidding closes tomorrow at 5pm Pacific time so you better go take a peek right now:

La Familia Online Art Auction for Aqua Art

P.S. One of the pieces up for bid is this one:


inaluxe said...

congratulations! I bet you'll have an awesome time in Miami! Off to check the auction now... :) cheerzzz, inaluxe.

PS looking forward to your new site.

Kevin Zurawel said...

As someone who recently moved to Miami, I hope you find the city as delightful as I have! South Beach should be beautiful at that time of year. Maybe I'll see you there!

Emily said...

That sounds amazing! Hope you have a great experience! And congrats!