New Work Reveled

The Weight of Beauty
Oil & India Ink on Cupboard Door

New work recently completed! This painting features a very dear friend of mine who now lives in Hollywood. And a in a mere 2 days she will be coming to the NW for a visit which I'm super thrilled about. I have already anticipated just how strange it will be to show her this piece. I had asked her a couple months ago if I could use her image in a painting but I haven't yet told her that I actually did. Should be fun!

Even though they are not "commercially viable" I really enjoy painting my friends. It's sad but true - portraits are not an easy sell.
Unless you happen to be a magician like Maron Resur. Her portraits seem to fly like hotcakes. Smaller sizes combined with mixed emotions makes them more accessible for folks perhaps. Not to mention they're damn gorgeous:Antipas by Maron Resur
Oil on canvas
6" x 6"
Maron has a show up at Cafe Ladro on Capitol Hill until the end of December which I plan on stopping by. Maybe I'll even take my art loving visiting friend.


Emma said...

That is a lovely portrait!

Betsy said...

that flesh tone looks great on the buttery wood

seo said...