From a Land Far Far Away

The connections you can make across the interwebs are wacky and wondrous. Through my long time following of the blog of bookbinder extraordinaire, Paperiaarre, I came across the link to another artist's blog (as is often to happen in this wide webbed world).

The blog was 101 Bird Tales by UK artist, Amelia Critchlow.
And in a way that hasn't happened since I first filled my Reader, I found myself clicking through ages of her archives of well written and thoughtful posts.
It just so happened that on the day I found myself exploring her blog she posted a shout out call for a swap. It was right before the holidays amidst all the rush and bustle. Regardless, I happily commented on her blog that I'd love to participate.

I sent off a lovely little experiment of ink and wax in a doodled upon envelope and when I came back from my Christmas holiday I found this exquisite little gift in my mailbox.

A message of "Freedom" all the way from a land far far away.


Amelia said...

oooooh - thank you for the posting!!! Looks fab, forgotten what it looked like!!!

It is sooooo exciting. I have yours and one of the others, but still awaiting a couple of others more, and then I will post them up too!!

It's so nice to reach out like this and funny too to see these things in the posession of some-one I've not met before. One day . . . at a Miami art show or something : )


Rekoj said...

Hooray! Can't wait to see what other folks did for their swaps once you get it all posted!

Meeting at an art show in Miami would be mighty fun indeed = )