My official announcement from after the weekend is that I have finally decided - my studio, store, blog and website will continue to be called Rekoj Studios. Recycled, renewed and re-imagined.

Immediate goals are brand new website & biz cards and prepping for IHR in June and Bumbershoot this summer. For Bumbershoot I will perfect my checkbook covers as well as develop a line of painted tanks made from reclaimed fabric.

Other things in the works include: making the perfect padded laptop bag to be lined with my purple corduroy pants that are now way too big which is a continuation of my Rekoj bag developments - series of messenger bags to be sold in the fall.
I've been painting a series of people portraits on round wood circles with abstract backgrounds and will continue with those this month - picture posts soon!

Things in the works for my shop is that I'm researching the idea of art prints and I want to start playing with a way to make Rekoj pendants. I think they will involve black lines by wood burning. Will depend on the surface I can come up with. I've been skimming antique stores for ideas. Scrabble pieces? Poker chips? Something that wouldn't normally be a pendant remade into such. Any ideas?

Long term goal is to be in a shop and a gallery before the end of 2007.

The cup doth brimmeth over...