HOORAY! For a new journal!

I have been making my own journals for about 7 years now and they just keep getting better. It's a reflective, meditative process that involves looking over the past year, where I've been and where I want to be to turn those feelings, thoughts, ideas and new skills into a tactile bound bundle of fresh pages.

My previous journal was bound in a single piece of painted silk and creamy yellow paper. This time, I pushed the envelope of my silk painting skills a little further by painting and then cutting the painting apart to quilt. The silk material I collected from an old orange shirt that I had worn in the Nevada desert during a week of Burning Man and never wore since. It just wasn't appropriate anymore out of the context of playa dust and open blue sky. So I cut it apart, salvaged both cuffs for a future project and went to town with free form dye. I then cut out pieces and bits that intrigued me. Those pieces and bits came together into this.

I hadn't set out with the intention, but at the end, I realized that I somehow managed to finally capture the feeling of a vacation to my Aunt's farm in Idaho two summers ago. I had gotten up at first light, ate a quick breakfast before stepping out onto the road. I walked clear into the next county by the time the sky looked sunkissed, stretching over roll after roll of green summer wheat fields with the start of turning.

This is my new journal. My pages of morning.